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Hind Frej, Psychologist, Casablanca – Morocco

I red Will You Dare? all at once. I enjoyed it and filled me with excitement. I connected with all the characters in a clear and precise way. A sincere exploration of the inner journey. Will You Dare? Is an invitation to imagine, perceive and pone the door of possibilities.

Vanessa López, Manager, Milan – Italy

Will You Dare? reminds us how fears comes from within and it depends on each one of us to get over them to reach what we really want. One of the things that I liked the most was realising how stupid it is to live based on social expectations or what others expect from you when it is not inline with what you truly want. An excellent book to remind us how once we were kids and we had great dreams and hope. Now, as adults we can find hope again and dare to find what makes us happy.

Tatiana Glad, Social Entrepreneur, Amsterdam – Holland

I just finished the book Will You Dare? And I loved it – especially the fable approach and how Lotfi’s wove in the relevance of one’s personal journey to the state of the world. The author is talented and fill of heart.

Pilar García Marquez, Madrid – Spain

I loved Chic and Choc’s adventure, a fantastic story that can be applied to the world in which we are living that is sometimes terrible. I think it is necessary to see life in positive. I will recommend the book.

Pilar Martínez Moyo, Professional in MedicalCare, Madrid – Spain

I loved the book Will You Dare?. Easy to ready and entertaining. You want to carry on with the reading until the next chapter to see how they will overcome their challenges. It reinforces our courage to fight for what we believe in. I’m grateful. I will share this masterpiece with my people. It is necessary that everyone at the hospital reads it!

Pilar Surjo de Burnes, Social Agenda, Madrid – Spain

Will you dare? encourages us to transform adversity and suffring into an impact that will motive us to surpass ourselves. It requires a new way of thinking, new objectives and a new look. The book is a tool for resilience, necessary for the stage the spanish society is going through where certainty is minimum. Thank you for sparking so much energy and for sharing with us your with wisdom.

Rafael Balade Pérez, Social Agent, Alcobendas – Spain

Will You Dare? is a book field with wisdom. Life is like a game with insights and guide lines and Lotfi defines some of them very well. I’m already 60 years old. It allows me to see life with some perspective. I believe it is a book that can help a lot of people. I will diffuse it and recommend it.

Rosy Giraudo, Psychologist, Quebec – Canada

Will You Dare? has a double impact: invites us to realise our dreams by inspiring us unconsciously with the power of the fable and consciously with the clarity of the feathers of wisdom.

Heather Sangster, Editor, Toronto – Canada

I found Will You Dare? to be quite engaging: a charming, well-told  fable with the additional depth of the narrator’s wisdom, which was effectively thought-provoking. The archetypes were clearly drawn, making them easily recognizable in the reader’s world, the moral clearly identified and the message is invaluable.

Antonio Ángel Pérez Ballester, Executive Coach, Murcia – Spain

Will You Dare? is a book we should all read. It is well structured, coherent and profound. It presents new ideas in a creative way during the entire journey. One quality of the author is the way he explore and investigate the language. He does not conform with normal expressions and create new expressions.

Marielle De Vassoigne, Senior Consultant, Montreal – Canada

This book could not have come in a better time. I went through a crisis that could have sent me into Tibor’s dark world. Will You Dare? Made me realise how fear was leading. It is ironic for an expert in change management ti realise that. Thanks again for the inspiration! The fable format is excellent.

Marie-Andrée Lévesque, Talent Manager, Saint-Bruno – Canada

I enjoyed the book. It is accessible to everyone regardless of the age. Well written, funny and the message is just and true. I am sure it will have an impact on all its readers. The book takes us back to essence of what success means and how we can reach it, while most of the people still believe success belongs to those that have money.

Fodé Beaudet, Author, Ottawa – Canada

Audacity can be tackled in many ways. The one chosen by Lotfi is innovative and catch our attention. We want to read it until the end, because we have the perception of participating in a new adventure. Through the feathers of wisdom, he build a bridge between the fiction of the fable and our own reality, merging two worlds into one. The efficiency of the book holds on the way he builds an idea and then dissects it with patience, inserting here and there, surprises, humor, play on words, action and personal reflections. The story made me think.

Mathieu Ferland, Creative Director, Montreal – Canada

Congratulation for the the book! Audacity is a fantastic theme that is expressed with brilliance. Rich in ideas, relevant and very inspiring. It is easy to read and mostly entertaining. The idea to transform an academic study into a fable is very audacious!

Miquel Pons, Coach, Barcelona – Spain

I read the book during a flight. Fantastic! I saw my own story in each and everyone of the characters and each and every scenes. The book has a great connection with everyones’ personal stories. I wish you a great success and hope your words to help as many people as possible.

Pilar Pato, Psychologist, Madrid – Spain

I loved the story. The format seems for me perfect for those who normally do not get access to these kind of reflexions. For once, they can do it in a very entertaining way.