Carlota Mateos, Co-founder of

Very interesting book. I leave with the audacity to know oneself. A book at the image of it’s author. Lotfi is someone with an incredible energy, super positive.

ADN Newspaper

With Will You Dare? Lotfi sends a message of hope to everyone who is facing difficulties, reminding them that “the future is still to be defined and remains a great surprise.”

Periodista Digital

Will You Dare? reminds me of The Little Prince by his quality. Page after page, it makes you reflect on the small things that make up life. It invites you to be brave, to not conform, to fight for your dreams.

Alex Rovira-Celma, co-author of The Good Luck

With Will You Dare?, Lotfi teaches us in a creative way how life is worth to live, it makes sense if we all dare to leave our little islands to face the ocean of possibilities. A story we can take into all dimensions of our lives. We can extract great wisdom from each...