Paula Masters, CEO Fatboy USA

I can honestly say, I love it! I am inspired by many of the thoughts and moved by Lotfi’s insight. I especially like the guiding principal that we should not be fearful or timid in our journey to uncover our true destiny and how there is a Master plan for all of...

Vanessa Roig Román, journalist

I read the book Will You Dare? and often go back to it to remind myself of some of its teachings. It is a healthy dose of optimism and courage.

Fernando Colomo, Academy Awarded Film Director

I loved everything in Will You Dare? The book just flows. I loved its tone, its simple way of saying important truths. Lotfi stands out from the ordinary, yet remains most natural in the world.

Mr. Hazelnut, visual artist

Read it and you will feel more self-confident. You will head to the street ready to face life with courage.